Behind the curtain

Did you always suspect that there are things which you do not see, which are there without you realising it? Do you want to see what was hidden from your eyes your entire life? Do you crave to find something out about yourself within 5min what entire libraries cannot teach you? Are you keen on getting to know yourself better and the human condition? Now you can make this experience, easily and safe – with the “Bloody Bush” – a novel self-enhancement Kit you gain the insight like Dorothy peeking behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz.

No tricks, just a widely unknown mix of facts in human physiology and physics. Simple setup. Repeatable. A little experiment to enhance your knowledge about how you perceive the word. BEWARE – changes in worldview possible!! If you do that you may not stay the same – in your attitude.
The Kit boasts 2 LED lights, rubber straps and short manual.

Price minus 40% for a limited time! Instead of
EUR 15.99.- only EUR 9,95.-
+ Delivery EUROPE (3,5.- EUR)

+ Delivery INTERNATIONAL (5.- EUR)

[Delivery normally within 3-4 weeks, or earlier ;-) ]