• community building

  • people & conversations

  • games & fun

  • brains & emotions

  • seeding & inception

  • hearts & alternate realities

  • evolution & new media

  • grassroots & networks

  • swarm behaviour seized

Growing communities organically – games, interactive storytelling & transmedia strategy
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Why choose NORmALUM as your partner?

Transmedia Design

We use multiplatform as a coherent cutting edge media strategy.

Simple Codes

Simple codes of conduct will help you build and show the storyworld that you want.


NORmALUM is fully compatible with all modern media types and your “silos”.

Special Framework

NORmALUM offers an easy to customize framework of how to bridge dialogues.

Portfolio diversity

NORmALUM comes with a post-modern portfolio refleting the diversity of our times.

Trust the dialogue

Show off your theme, brand, story through a designed, organic dialogue.

Multiple platforms

As variety is increasing, we pick platforms with you that fit you best.


With an extensive, written transmedia navigation you won’t have any problems setting your course.