What is NORMALUM? – - What is “normal”?

NORMALUM – Mixed Realities produces games, develops interactive storytelling and consults universities, story-developing programs, agencies, producers, distributors and authors – those who seek to broaden their audience or base of clients with new, multiplatform ways through interactive storytelling and viral entertainment. NORmALUM helps to grow and create communities in analog and digital networks, through creating new the tools or seize existent platform – right in the sometimes overwhelming digital and analog mix of everyday life. That is becoming “normal” now – like it or not.

We develop and support the creation of storyworlds – distributed, coordinated stories around a product or theme – which aim to connect multiple channels (Films, Games, Books, Websites, Live Events, etc.) in a meaningful and coherent way through interactive storytelling and narrative design.

An ever growing offer of information fragments our attention more and more, therefore a storyworld invites a broader audience into a participatory and interactive story over a longer timespan and through numerous “entry points” opening up a compelling “theme world”. Instead of simply placing messages and repeating them, a well designed transmedia experience engages participation and facilitates dialogue.


What do we offer?

“Multiplatform Strategy”

NORMALUM – Mixed Realities develops and supports your stories at the interface of digital media culture and analog workaday life to form dynamic storyworlds through optimising impact and revenue and enables participation of a given target group, as well as expands and diversifies your audience.


We help to produce tools to form an ecosystem out of your theme or story. We support multiplatform storytelling as designed dialogues in storyworlds like documentaries, books, Serious Games (games with learning purpose) and movies as well as applications (Apps for iPad & iPhone).

“Insights & Workshops”

We tell the story WHY you can and should experiment in exploring the quality of media content in an transforming time like this. Our speakers deliver case studies, inspirations and workshops based on extensive media studies worldwide and Brain Research and Cognitive Science research.