As an interdisciplinary native he is passionately building story worlds and bridging media types in meaningful ways. To study brain science (a self-organised transdisciplinary study plan in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Univ. of Vienna) as well as New Media Art & Conceptual Art (at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna) helped understanding the Human condition a bit better – but also showed that language and artistic expression may be a kind of “brain science” as well…

His focus became the role concepts and storytelling play in human life and communication and in the new profession of a transmedia storyteller or story world architect he is researching the future of the media business. As an artist-entrepreneur, speaker, transmedia strategy consultant, sci-fi geek, writer and documentary filmmaker he is gathering facts, insights and clairvoyance for transforming your business into an engaging story and passive stories into interactive dialogues. Connecting the what and the how with the WHY of Interactive Storytelling and Experience Design he is aiming to bridge cultures, especially between Asia & Europe and Africa & Europe. He encourages decision makers in the media industry, art and start-up culture to take risks and face the fear of change in a world which gets transformed by technology.

Talks / speaker  (excerpt):

2020  “Life As Bad Larp Design” – Talk, Solmukohta Conference, Tampere, Finland

2018  “New Concepts, New Worlds, New Roles” – Talk, Harvard Summer School, Mahindra Humanities Center., Harvard Univ., Boston

2017  “NEURO-SPACE 02” – Larp Scenes & Talk with Margarete Jahrmann (Zürich) & Thomas Wagensommerer (Wien). Rotes Rathaus, Berlin during the “State of the Game” conference

2016  “Nordic Larp, Bleeding & echte Gefühle”, (lecture performance) Berlin Games Week, Gamefest, Computergamesmuseum, Berlin

2015  “The world really is…fiction.” Alibisforinteraction conference, Landskrona, Schweden

2014  “Interactive – Story – Telling” lecture & workshop, St. Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television, St. Petersburg, Russia

2013  “Interactive Storyworlds” Peking University, School of Software & Microelectronics / Digital Arts & Design, Beijing, China

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aka “KES” – Chief Technologist and shy techno-wizard hermit. As a bear he mostly works in his lab/cave and breeds new products and designs, creating sophisticated software solutions for Industrial and cultural clients since 30 years. In building, prototyping and programming of new media projects he invents an often surprising symbiosis of hard- and software which aims to facilitate self-reflexion and enriches the world with meaningful interaction. His extraordinary skills and interdisciplinary scope span media design, machine learning, database design, Knowledge Media Systems, robotics, Neurocognitive tech, wearables and satellite communications.

Worked for NASA, SPACE X, ART.NET, SWAROVSKI and bunch of high-end directors and producers where he prefers to remain anonymous…