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“Games are about doing, games are about solving problems, accomplishing goals. And moreover, stories make the process of remember and explaining present to consciousness. It´s not just that we use stories to indulge our desire, to observe the behavior of other humans and think about their motivations and analyze their social behavior, and use language […]

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Game Theory in Action

August 25, 2010hkcommunity, gaming, social impactNo Comments

Kwang Lim tells about his collegue Sven Feldman applying a Game Theory Concept – The Gale-Shapley Mechanism – to help a city council matching children to kindergartens. The problems so far were e.g. inefficient matching, an incentive for parents to misrepresent their preferences, and “justified envy“, whereby a student prefers a school S that she […]

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source: Something to welcome or be afraid of. Is there a rise of Neoluddism? Opposed to change and technology replacing humans this term seems to be as anachronoistic as fresh in an Age of ubiquitous technology. Maybe the term Neoludism would be more inspiring…

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