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Whatever you encounter, however normal signs in life might feel, there is always the opportunity to look at them from a different perspective, a different angle. It is the start, this attitude which enables you to deconstruct and reconstruct the world around you.

It may be your right and your duty to do this work. To find alternatives and show them to the people, your friends, family, clients, users. It may be considered and art form if you do these alterations with subtlety and elegance. You give yourself your right to produce. The feedback of your peers, your users, your spectators and your inner voices keep you going. You heal with your expressions and your prescriptions, altering the concepts of what is healthy and what is not.

“The philosopher of the future is both artist and doctor – in one word, legislator.”

Gilles Deleuze, Pure Immanence, p. 65ff

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