F.R.O.G. 2011

April 4, 2011hkcommunity, gaming, social impactNo Comments

A year has gone. 2010 F.R.O.G. was a descent and inspiring place to share positive ideas about gaming – fully compatible with the organisers`s incentive (Positveprädikatisierung von Computer & Konsolenspielen) and something you did not want to miss if you are somehow connected to games – and happen to live in Vienna. This year´s conference is titled “Applied Playfullness. Competence, Media & Sociability of Play”, which sound quite promising.

“Vienna’s annual Games Conference, “Future and Reality of Gaming” (FROG), offers an open and international platform for leading game studies researchers and scholars, game designers, researchers and scholars from various other fields, education professionals, and gamers from around the world. The main objective of the FROG11 is to explore the phenomena of applied playfulness in regard to questions of media competence, media convergence, the sociability of play and the impacts of games on future and reality of our culture.”

The Call for Papers is open till May 15th.

deutsch http://bupp.at/frog

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