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“Trust, like influence, is contextual. To answer the question: who do you trust? honestly, we’d probably need to say “it depends”. [...] It looks like in 2011, trust in academics and experts continues to be high, while trust in people like you has declined. Does that mean we trust the people who are humanizing brands less? Or does it mean that everyone has reached capacity when it comes to noise in social networks?”

Valeria Maltoni´s aim on the science of credentials make marketing strategies based on recommendation appear undernourished if they try to grab a big common audience. The next door neighbour might be the wrong multiplicator for a given service or product. Her arguments imply that credentialed spokespeople, not the usual mavens, but CEOs and speakers like herself might hold the key for spreading the word. The latin “fama” (rumor) is best channeled by trust, the “protective agent”, the lubricant of our socially networked times.

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