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Stories are told around fires

How does it feel to get a story told around the campfire? So different from a 3D-IMAX movie experience? The warmth of the fire at your fingertips? What does really move us in a story somebody tells us? Are we alone in understanding them, acting on them, being inspired by them? Or is there an urge to re-tell, to re-iterate, to express by what stories we get moved?

The campfire is still a setting for testing if a story works. No sophisticated tools needed. If you succeed at the fireplace you will pull off the core of a different expression, too. It is what moved us which needs a translation in media, not how we imagine it. Eye candy is second. Story first. Otherwise you will burn your fingers, the fire will tell you, even if it burns slowly…

“We even created our own definition: Narratives are collective stories and representations which are made of people´s memories of the past, experience of the present, and above all imagination of the future. Narratives underpin and bind communities; they make them move.”

Odile Chenal, Continent of Broken Dreams? in (2012) Remappings – The Making of European Narratives. European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam

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