F.R.O.G. 2011

April 4, 2011hkcommunity, gaming, social impactNo Comments

A year has gone. 2010 F.R.O.G. was a descent and inspiring place to share positive ideas about gaming – fully compatible with the organisers`s incentive (Positveprädikatisierung von Computer & Konsolenspielen) and something you did not want to miss if you are somehow connected to games – and happen to live in Vienna. This year´s conference […]

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February 19, 2011hkalternate reality, community, cross media, social impact, viralNo Comments

If you ever thought about what Al Gore is producing besides saving the planet from becoming a CO2 Greenhouse then see the newest spawn “BAR KARMA”, a brave attempt to evolve TV with interactivity on his channel from “A guy walks into a bar…” – what may sound like a the beginning of […]

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